Bird Watching

Cardinals, birdfeeder, birdwatching
A clean feeder attracts cardinals. Photo by Elvis Bueno, Unsplash

In 2018, a birdfeeder was installed in front of each room window of the palliative care residence, La Source Bleue. M. Pierre St-Onge, a volunteer, had this initiative; he fills the feeders with sunflower seeds twice a week. The equipment was donated by the Canadian Tire Foundation and the posters with bird pictures and names were donated by Nature Expert. The patients of this residence, located in Boucherville, Quebec, appreciate bird watching, which allows them to forget their sickness for a brief moment.

In this podcast, Marielle Savard interviews M. Pierre St-Onge. The content is not exactly the same as in the french interview.

Photo by Pierre St-Onge

Until you install feeders, you can watch the live cams of the Cornell University Ornithology Lab. We can see a variety of species along with a squirrel, at times.