Ventas Inc. bought 87% of 34 properties of  Le Groupe Maurice for 1,8 billion American dollars. LGM will continue to manage the residences. Since the mission of ResidenConsult is to implement sustainable development, the article will discuss this aspect of the transaction.

Like Welltower Inc., Ventas gives a detailed report of its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance.

Here is an example of what can be found in the report:

Compensation structure (primarily discretionary bonus incentive) is tied (in part) to successful implementation of energy reduction initiatives throughout the Ventas portfolio. Examples include, LED lighting upgrades and energy efficiency improvements to HVAC operations.

unsplash-logoAnastasia Zhenina
Compact Fluorescents Lights. Picture by Anastasis Zhenina

Any employee that supports the company’s efforts to manage climate change through the following types of activities may receive written and/or verbal recognition/praise from their managers, the Director of Sustainability and/or Ventas executives: a) Helps to improve consumption and emissions performance at the asset or corporate level b) Promotes efforts to reduce utility expenses via reduced consumption and improved, responsible purchasing efforts c) Identifies opportunities to actively invest capital in energy saving projects within the portfolio d) Assists in obtaining and/or maintaining ENERGY STAR certifications.