Marielle Savard is the founding president of ResidenConsult. She obtained a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from the University of British Columbia and worked for prestigious organizations.

In 2007, her mother moved in an assisted living home and Marielle became a caregiver. Over the years, Marielle noticed the challenges encountered by managers. The list is long: vacancy, water damages, evacuation following a fire alarm, recycling bins overflowing etc. Furthermore, she saw the families struggle to empty apartments following a move or death. Finally, she saw the sadness (and sometimes panic) of inapt elders forced to leave their apartment to move into a room with full services.

While doing research to write her business plan, Marielle discovered some inspiring initiatives that could be adapted and done elsewhere. The first example is the purchase of an electric car for shared use by clients at two Jazz residences. The second example is the installation of bird feeders beside the windows of each room in a palliative care residence.

Following these observations, ResidenConsult developed services for all types of residences to create an image aligned with the environmental consciousness of our new decade, decrease vacancy and hence increase revenues. Other services decrease operational costs. The purpose is to improve the triple bottom line.